From the West to the East, the world’s greatest cities have something in common you may not realize: an abundance of waterfront property. It’s kind of amazing how many great cities are right on the water: New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Chicago, Barcelona, Vancouver and more!


Our many seas, rivers and oceans play significant roles in bringing these great cities to life. Without the Atlantic, is New York as iconic? Certainly not. Without the Pacific, is Tokyo still a bastion of modernity? Can you imagine Venice without gondolas? It's hard to even think about some great cities, like New Orleans and Miami, without thinking of their neighboring bodies of water. They are synonymous; their relationships are symbiotic.


Other great cities, like Dubai and Istanbul, aren’t talked about nearly as often in the same vein. What makes one great water city more water-friendly than another? In fact, which city with a shoreline is the greatest of them all? Well, we’ve ranked the top 25 according to six criteria: arts and architecture, nature, food, music, sports and recreation, and a wild card attribute. Each of the 25 cities stands out in at least 4 of the 6 criteria. We’ve also considered important rankings by organizations like Mercer and Euromonitor, to consider the value of each city from both a residential perspective and a tourism perspective.


So decide for yourself which great city is the greatest. Read more about all 25 of the greatest cities on water. Maybe you knew all about Honolulu’s beautiful beachfronts but were unaware of its extensive World War II museums and fledgling hyper-local food scene. Or maybe you think you know all about Dublin because you're big into Joyce. But did you know it has more green space per kilometer than any other European city?


These bits of trivia, and more, await you. Check out the full infographic to learn all there is to know about great cities on water.