Quite often tourists come to Chicago and want to see buildings constructed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright is known as one of the greatest architects in the twentieth century and his buildings are one of the most renown in American architecture. He designed over 1,100 designs and over half were constructed. His career began in Oak Park, Illinois and he is considered the leader of the Prairie School of Architecture. The Prairie School style, which is usually marked by horizontal lines, windows grouped in horizontal bands, and flat roofs can be seen throughout certain buildings in the city. Most notably, Wright designed the lobby of the historic Rookery Building that is located on 209 North LaSalle Street. This building was originally built by Burnham and Root in 1888 and is a Chicago and U.S. National Historic Landmark. Wright designed the glass atrium in the lobby and used Prairie School elements throughout the entryway and court. Wright received international recognition throughout his life and after his death in 1959. Over 100 Wright designed buildings are located within the Chicago metro area. To learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School of Architecture, take the architectural tour and ask one of our docents for more information.