The Burnham Centennial pavilion opened this past August in Millennium Park.  The pavilion was designed by world renowned architect, Zaha Hadid who in 2004 became the first woman and the youngest architect to win the Pritzker Prize for Architecture. The pavilion was originally expected to be completed by mid-June for the 4th of July celebration; however, construction issues delayed the opening.

The multimedia production reflects Chicago’s transformation from past to the future and is narrated by Chicagoans who share their visions of Chicago’s future. Chicago Tribune’s resident blogger, Blair Kamin was able to get a preview of the pavilion and states that the 7 ½ minute video installation, is “strikingly evocative series of images of Chicago past, present and future.”

The pavilion is made out recyclable materials; the outer and inner shells of the structure are made out of tensile fabric, which is stretched over the aluminum ribs. Kamin recommends going at dusk or at night, since the pavilion will be lit from below “it will seem more like an object that has landed from outer space.” I look forward to touring the pavilion at night to experience the brilliant work of Hadid while viewing the film of Chicago’s majestical history and future.

For more information visit and take a look at this timelapse video of construction the pavilion by Tom Rossiter.