Last July the Willis Tower unveiled, “The Ledge” glass balconies to the public. The Ledge glass balconies are on the 103rd floor and sit 1, 353 feet up in the air. Imagine 365-views of Chicago’s breathtaking skyline or imagine looking down at 1,353 foot drop-it can either be exhilarating or chilling. The Willis Tower SkyDeck should be a must for all tourist and architecture lovers, but “the Ledge” glass balcony will attract even more visitors. The Skydeck has evolved to challenge our visitors’ curiosity,” said Randy Stancik, general manager, Skydeck Chicago. “You only need to see the forehead prints on the windows to know that visitors are constantly trying to catch a glimpse below. The Skydeck attracts more than one million visitors annually who enjoy views of up to 50 miles and four states. Now, they have a fifth view right at their feet.” Additionally, the Ledge offers new interactive multimedia exhibits of Chicago’s culture on the elevators. The Willis Tower stands at 1,450 feet and 110 stories high, is the tallest building in North America and is the third tallest building in the world.

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Sears or Wills Tower Chicago IL
Sears or Wills Tower, Chicago, IL